How to Look Good [Dress Stylishly] Without Breaking The Bank

Looking chic and glamorous often means spending a lot of money on clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, make-up and all sorts of items. That’s why a lot of women think that it’s virtually impossible to look good if you’re on a shoestring budget. However, in truth, you don’t really need to max out your credit card just to look good.

There are plenty of things you can do to create a remarkable personal style. Below are the only fashion and style tips you need to leave a lasting impression.

How to Look Good [Dress Stylishly] Without Breaking The Bank
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Invest in essential items

As a woman who loves to dress up understands the importance of investing in staple items such as blazers, denim jeans, and white tees. These items usually cost a bit of money. Nevertheless, they are worth every penny you spent because you get to pair them with both old and new items. Find high-quality fashion staples from flea markets, surplus stores, and your favorite local boutique.

Experiment on different styles

Not sure about your current personal style? This may be the perfect time for you to do a closet revamp. Try looking for conservative and stylish modest dresses or tops and skirts that are trendy and attractive. You might also want to explore other styles such as vintage, boho-chic and Garçonne.

How to Look Good [Dress Stylishly] Without Breaking The Bank
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Check social media platforms, blogs, and vlogs for OOTD inspiration. Every day, thousands of millions of content related to fashion styles get uploaded online. You can use these resources when conceptualizing your look.

Choose comfort over style

Oftentimes, women overlook the cost of the items they purchase. This is mostly because they want to buy branded products even when these don’t feel comfortable to wear. When you go shopping for new items, see to it that you try them on. How does the fabric feel against your skin? Is it breathable? Does the size suit your body style?

How to Look Good [Dress Stylishly] Without Breaking The Bank
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If you’re shopping for shoes, find out if you can wear them without ending up with a lot of blisters on your feet. See to it that the pair you buy can also last for years. It’s not ideal to buy shoes simply because they look flashy or luxurious.

Shop Wisely

With the increasing number of shops, both online and offline, you should learn how to shop wisely. If you plan to shop online, be sure to check its reputation first. Read as many customer feedbacks as you can. Also, double-check the product descriptions. Learn as much as you can about the product before you start keying in your card details.

When in doubt, contact customer support. Most online boutiques come with a live support chat service. Others provide toll-free hotline numbers you can call.

If you will buy items from local shops, make sure to spend enough time inspecting the product. It should be free from any form of the defect so you get to use them for as long as possible.

Work with what you already have

Check what items you already have inside your wardrobe. You can either upgrade your old clothes. It would be great if you have a sewing machine on hand. This way you can take apart a top, bottom or dress and create an upgraded outfit. Additionally, you can try mixing and matching them with your new finds. Experiment with the patterns or texture so you can create a unique and memorable look.

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Skip fashion fads that don’t suit you

Fashion trends come and go. That’s why it’s absolutely important to be tasteful when incorporating a new style. Ask yourself a few questions such as “does it suit me?” and “does it resonate with my personality?”. Don’t bother adding this style or trend into your personal style if it doesn’t fit you. This might only result in a major fashion mishap because you don’t feel comfy or confident.

Looking fashionable and stylish won’t always require you to spend a large sum of hard-earned cash. You should always choose to be practical at all times. This way you get to look and feel good without putting a lot of strain on your budget.

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