The official Google page for coronavirus evolution

Google has been launching a coronavirus site for a few days now. The site is ready and already live, offering everyone the chance to learn about the virus and the pandemic.

It is worth noting that the Alphabet’s subsidiary is not the first technology company to launch a virus website. Recently, Microsoft released a tool similar to CSSE that can navigate and retrieve country-by-country information, including the latest news, videos, and other information.

Does the technology colossus provide a virus questionnaire?
Initially, the American President Donald Trump and President Mike Pence had announced that Google is preparing a website that would allow American citizens to respond to a questionnaire related to the coronavirus.

Next, and according to US government officials, Google would offer citizens instructions on how to get to the nearest health service and test for coronavirus.

Google has commented that what Trump and Pence say is not true. It makes perfect sense because the website he created is in no way related to the virus test and does not contain a questionnaire.

What about the website
At we can find out about coronavirus, preventive measures, and local pandemic organizations.

In addition, on the website created by the tech giant, we will find tips for both ourselves and those around us. Also featured are top searches on coronavirus issues and more.

Finally, Google plans in the future to add information about cases of coronavirus, based on data provided by various official health organizations.

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