Why colourful knitwear is the most cheering thing to wear right now

Why colourful knitwear is the most cheering thing to wear right now
Olivia Palermo, Erika Boldrin and Victoria Beckham in pop-colour knits CREDIT: Getty Images / Shutterstock

I never thought I’d be considering investing in fuchsia cashmere. Not least because fuchsia and investment are generally incompatible concepts. But colour-drenched knitwear is my – and, although you may not realise it quite yet, your – number one fashion consideration right now.

For anyone who likes wearing a knit (all of us, right?) and has spent the past decade diligently curating a drawer/s full of tasteful navy, grey and cream jumpers with every conceivable neckline variation, this is the knitwear equivalent of a moon landing. It is epic. It means we can now shop and fulfil our knitwear obligations without buying another navy, grey or cream one. That, in turn, means the next jumper we buy will actually make a material difference to our wardrobes.

As synchronicity would have it, the timing of this knitwear epiphany couldn’t be better. Three months into the year, it feels like time to hit refresh – not to mention the fact that comforting and cosy, yet smile-bringing clothes are all anyone wants to wear during our current global health crisis. This is about the kind of joy that’s combined with pragmatism. Colour-pop knitwear falls into that microscopically small section of the Venn diagram where you find delightfully uplifting things that don’t look wintry but are still warm. Treasure them.

Why colourful knitwear is the most cheering thing to wear right now
Sharon Stone in a pastel green knit CREDIT: Rsmx/Starmaxinc.Com/Shutterstock

And take your time browsing, from the cobalt-blue chunky funnel-neck jumpers at Me+Em (£265); the coral, pink and periwinkle-blue crew-necks at Arket (£125); and a wide choice of colours, cardigans and jumpers at M&S (from £15 to £119); to  & Daughter’s deliciously icy-pale mauve crew-neck, for £350.

That’s just for starters. When you think you’re ready for the head rush, you can progress to J Crew, where its everyday crew-neck jumper (£119) is available in 20 – yes, really – colours. And that’s before you get on to the fancy add-ons. There’s a gorgeous flecked bird-eye-stitch limited-edition version (£168), in Camel Snow or Amethyst Snow – even the names are soothing. Go for lightweights that can be layered now, then worn on their own once it’s warmer, and remember that cashmere defuses colour, making it seem softer,  so even the brightest primaries have a gauzier effect.

Eucalyptus, £265, Me + Em; Pink, £125, Arket; Lilac, £350, & Daughter; Camel snow, £168, J Crew; Green, £50, Marks & Spencer; Orange, £400, Ply-Knits at Browns Fashion; Cardigan, £389, Brora

Choosing is where it gets tricky. Obviously a good starting place is the colours that suit you, but the truth is that provided the shade you pick complements your skin and hair tones, it will probably work with most other items in your wardrobe. Fuchsia, the colour of next winter (and by extension, now), looks surprisingly fabulous with navy, khaki, black and brown. Ditto most blues, oranges and green. Slip them over a white T-shirt for a peek of fresh trim. And stay warm.

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